Studyprograms at Jacobs University

Jacobs University offers a broad spectrum of attractive study programs ranging from the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering to the social sciences and economics. The teaching portfolio is based on programs which relate to the focus areas of Jacobs University:

MOBILITY – of people, goods, and information

Understanding the worldwide flow of people, goods and information is important in today’s globalized world. Information influences the life of the individual and the cohesion of societies and cultures in many different ways. Expertise of different disciplines, such as computer science, communication technology, logistics, mathematics and psychology will be combined in new solutions.

HEALTH – focus on bioactive substances

Designing solutions for a healthier world has always been one of the great challenges of science. The goal is to make a healthy life possible for the growing world population as a whole and for each human being. Food, plants and marine algae can have a similarly positive effect on health as medication. However, scientists first have to identify and isolate their bioactive substances and check their safe application through transdisciplinary cooperation between geo science, life sciences, physics and chemistry.

DIVERSITY – in modern societies

When considering the development of our modern global society, individuals are regarded as indivisible biological, psychological and socially determined beings. This area includes topics such as social cohesion, state systems, the preservation of social welfare or the effects of regulatory systems on the individual, such as their impact on human rights. Diversity is thus regarded as a driving force behind development and progress.

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