Our Universities

In addition to the five state universities – University of Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences Bremen, University of the Arts Bremen, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, and University for Public Administration – the smallest German state also has two private colleges – the Jacobs University and the APOLLON University for Health Management.

Every university has its own focus areas and its own convincing individual profile. Cooperation between the schools is not unusual. For instance, the Excellence University of Bremen collaborates closely with the Jacobs University in the area of social sciences. In the subject of Digital Media, the future media experts study both at the University of Bremen and the University of the Arts Bremen. This networking and cooperation benefits both academia and research in Bremen.

Joined Programs of Our Universities

Bremen and Bremerhaven are very popular places to study for international students - not lastly because of the close cooperation between science and industry in the areas of energy technology, robotics, AI, and aerospace engineering.

Before the start of studies, the top priority for international students is learning the language. But they also need to be academically prepared. The Academy for Higher Education Access Development - AHEAD develops programs that help international students enter into the German system of higher education. As cooperation of the state universities of the state of Bremen, the academy is responsible for the successful realization of these programs.

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