Academy for Higher Education Access Development - AHEAD

Bremen and Bremerhaven are international and cosmopolitan, and international students love coming to our famous universities. The local five state universities combine to offer more than 300 courses of study in different fields. International students are especially interested in STEM subjects. Since study abroad comes with its challenges, the Academy for Higher Education Access Development support international university applicants.

The Academy is a cooperation of the universities of the state of Bremen. It develops and realizes outstanding programs for preparing international students for the demands of university life in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The German university system is often very different from that in their home countries. Techniques for studying, self-organized learning and studying, the way scientific work is performed – everything is different. The Academy provides preparation and orientation.

It has enjoyed a great Europe-wide reputation since 2015 with the programs HERE Studies and IN-Touch. Both programs have the goal to make it easier for prospective international students with a refugee background to enter into the German university system. In addition to language courses, they provide a well-founded technical preparation.

In the future, the Academy will make this program available to all international students.

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