International Students and Study Abroad

For international students, Bremen is a very popular location in which to study. Bremen is home to young students from all five continents. The universities are organized to make it as easy as possible for international students to start: StudyBuddies, Welcome Centre, and secretariats for international students are just a small part of the large selection of programs.

However, Bremen also has a wide selection of options for German students who are interested in studying abroad. Interested students can find information at university fairs and consulting offices but also practical tips and hints.

Studying Abroad

International experience is increasingly important for students as well. Widening one's horizons, acquiring international and intercultural skills, deepening foreign language skills - all this is invaluable for one's personal development and then later also for employers. Many majors have made a semester abroad mandatory in the meantime.

Extended stays abroad require careful planning. The universities support its students and scientists in this planning process - from searching for the right university to applying for a residence permit. Get a first impression on the pages for the individual universities.

Programs for International Students at Bremen Universities

Preparatory Studies in Bremen

You are not from Europe and would like to study in Germany? In order to begin Bachelor’s studies at a German state university you have to provide evidence of language skills at the C1 level. Master’s study programs each have their own language requirements – but a language skill level German C1 will always help you, whether in school or in everyday life, internships or later in the professional world.

There are many private language schools in Bremen that offer the corresponding courses. Please note that the universities only accept select language certificates!

You can sign up as a prep student at the universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven while you are still acquiring your language skills. You enjoy all the benefits that the student ID and semester ticket provide as well as access to the universities, while you can focus completely on learning the language.

University of Bremen

The University of Bremen not only boasts an international reputation for its research. More than 2,000 international students are studying for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree here. The university has a number of consulting programs to make your arrival and orientation easier as well as your entire student experience.

Visiting Scientists at the Uni Bremen

Our Welcome Centre takes care of our international visiting scientists.

City University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Internationalization is a central profile element of the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen. With our more than 30 international majors and more than 300 university cooperation programs, we are a great choice in Bremen in a special way. 2/3 of all our students spend one or two semesters abroad and acquire not only language but also intercultural skills. At the same time, the university itself offers more and more courses in English as well, so that the language barriers become manageable for international students.

The City University of Applied Sciences Bremen promotes intercultural university life in which student live in an international environment and foreign and German students are integrated optimally and work together. It is our goal that intercultural meeting becomes part of the learning experience, enriching both German and foreign students.

International Learning and Teaching - Programs at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven provides its students and teachers a variety of international activities and programs. Be it language courses, international joint seminars, or semesters abroad at one of the many partner universities spread all over the globe. The International Office provides interested students with details.

Hochschule für Künste Bremen

More than one third of the HfK students come from abroad to Bremen for music, art, or design studies. The central contact point for them is the Dezernat for Studium and Prüfung [Department for Studies and Testing].

The International Office also supports visiting students, offers consulting for foreign students, and provides information about the EU support program Erasmus+, the scholarship programs of the DAAD, foreign language training, and possibilities of support for foreign students.

Jacobs University

The Jacobs University is a private, independent, English-language university in Bremen, at which young people from all over the world study in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. It stands out in particular due to its international and trans-disciplinary orientation. Research and academia approach questions more from a multi-disciplinary perspective than just looking at individual approaches. This principle makes graduates of the Jacobs University sought-after talents with successful international careers.