ISL - Institute of Shipping Economics and Logisitics

Since 1954 the ISL - Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics - connects tradition and modern science and since is one of Europe's leading institutes for research, consultancy and know-how transfer in all areas of the maritime economics and logistics as well as in adjacent topics such as intermodal transport chains, sustainable transport or safety in transportation. The ISL is is and remains a major source of innovation for Maritime Economics and Logistics in Germany and in Europe. Our project partners are well aware of the strategically important advantages they gain from the successful cooperation between industry and science.

Today, around 45 employees at our offices in Bremen and Bremerhaven handle projects projects from Bremen, Germany, Europe and around the world. Whether solutions for future or existing logistics systems, facts and analysis for business and politics in the area of maritime economics and transport or information logistics to simulate, optimize and secure logistics processes along the entire transport /supply chain are concerned  - we ensure that innovative ideas are developed into solutions with practical applicability on behalf of our project partners from the public and private sector, both on a national and international level.

The information center of the ISL is one of the leading institutions for information and documentation in maritime economics and logistics in Europe.

Computersimulation on how to load a container ship most efficiently
© ISLSimulation of container handling
Feasibility study and potential analysis of a logistic center
© Prilesie Logisitc CenterFeasibilitiy study and potential analysis Logistic Center Prilesie Minsk


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