Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar- and Marine Research (AWI)

As an internationally well known and respected centre of expertise on polar and marine research, the Alfred Wegener Institute is one of the very few scientific institutions in the world that are equally active in the Arctic and Antarctic. It coordinates German polar research efforts, provides research bases and ships like the icebreaker Polarstern, while also conducting research in the North Sea and adjacent coastal regions in Germany.

Combining innovative approaches, outstanding research infrastructure and years of expertise, the scientists at the Alfred Wegener Institute explore nearly all aspects of the Earth system – from the atmosphere to the ocean floor. In this regard, initiatives to better grasp the climate-related processes on our planet have increasingly taken centre stage.

During public and political debates about climate or polar related topics, the institute gives scientific advise to societal and political decision makers.

The German Antarctic Research Station Neumayer Station III
© Stefan ChristmannThe German Antarctic Research Station Neumayer Station III
Students and a Professor in a laboratory
© Sina LöschkeAWI-Microbiologist Dr. Christoph Held explains the working procedure to the students. From the series: Students of ther Master's course "Marine Biology" (1. Semester) during their laboratory internship "Molecular biodiversity and evolution" at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven.


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