Data Privacy


The University of Bremen and its institutions (“administrator” or “system operators”) maintain an information and communications infrastructure (ICT infrastructure) comprising data processing facilities (computers), communication systems (networks), and various support facilities for data processing. The ICT infrastructure is integrated in the German research network and hence in the Internet.


The University of Bremen can accept no liability whatsoever for the currentness, accuracy or completeness of the information it provides. The University of Bremen cannot be held liable for any claims whatsoever of either a material or immaterial nature which are based on the use or non-use of the information provided or through the use of flawed or incomplete information, always provided that in respect of the claim in question it can be proven that the University of Bremen has not acted willfully or gross negligently. The University of Bremen expressly reserves the right to change, complement or delete online information either in part or in whole and without prior notice to change, complement or delete information either temporarily or permanently.

Handling of Data